Thursday, March 20, 2014

One fine day...

One fine day,
clear and gay,
we set out on a jaunt,
eloping from our urban haunt,
on a tryst with mother nature,
to satiate that primate wilderness that we still nurture.

So there we were,
after crossing the city - squirming in the first rays,
quaint towns bustling to keep up with the city's pace,
remote villages with emerald fields and an ever-smiling face,
rolling hills with shola grass, all a golden grace.

There we were,
on the banks of a shimmering river Cauvery
calmly letting in and becoming one with her cousin - Arkavathy.
The cool waters trying to woo,
and the rocks playing peek-a-boo.
Without much ado,
the child in each one of us comes out too.

We bask in the sun's glory,
soakin up (sights, sounds, touch) all things sensory,
we walk with our feet bare,
dance to the tunes in the air,
we giggle our hearts out,
and frolick in the waters, having fun out n' out !

But then, she probably thought we were going awry,
and decided to bring up and show us her fury,
nestled deep inside her calm and caring veil.
we tried so hard but to no avail,
we were but mere specks in front of her gigantic self.
And she took him in, deep within herself.
One step wrong, away and alone,
and he was gone, gone and gone.
That's when we realize - if she can make,
she can also break !

And oh, that day,
was no more so fine, clear and gay ...