Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Shower In The Dark

I come out of my coveted abode ,
to find a surprisingly refreshing gust of cool air wash over me,
I soak in the feel n gather myself up,
only to be mobbed by a flurry of dust and leaves flying here n there.
A faint but enchanting smell of fresh earth permeates the atmosphere,
opening up all my senses to the bounties of nature.
An uncontrollable joy wells up inside me,
brimming out as i feel a cold prickle crawl down my skin,
and gushing out madly making me dance and run,
as the sky shattered and fell over me in tatters.
In a few minutes, the joy is washed off, and I feel the need to seek a refuge.
I take shelter in a dark shaded spot, and begin to drift into a land of dreams.
My vision betrays me and my sense of hearing becomes sharper,
I hear a deafening blast that leaves me weak on my own knees,
then suddenly out of nowhere appears a fleeting flash of light,
within which the visuals my eyes capture, leave me dumb-struck.
I saw thousands and thousands of brilliantly sparkling diamonds,
gliding on an infinitely long, murky, black velvet curtain,
coming down hard on a mysterious flat mirror,
splitting into a thousand more tiny shards,
sinking into a world I know not of.
I wanted to go out there and grab a handful for myself,
but alas, by the time I moved, the flash was gone,
and I was left alone in stark darkness wondering in awe at the play of nature.