Monday, February 13, 2012

A Perspective on - "LIFE"

'Life' - it is an interesting word,
drives one through his memories, as soon as it's heard.
It carries the burden of one's plight,
n caresses the glimpses of his joyous flight.

It bears in its letters, the essence of one's being,
his encounters with both dead and living.
It takes one into the world of dreams,
flashes of future, so real it seems.

It's an expression of one's emotions - so diverse and so deep,
and loads of experiences bundled up in a heap.
Life has three parts - past, present and the future.
but you've got to LIVE in the present - that's the law of nature.

So, enrich THIS moment with the life of yore,
and nurture the near with visions from your core.
'Life' - it is an intersting word,
and its up to U to make it treasured.